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Montana Ag Network: Bear Paw Meats

The term “farm to fork” is thrown around quite a bit these days. But for Bear Paw Meats, it’s more than just a term, it’s a lifestyle.

The Buck family in Chinook Montana began their family business with Bear Paw Livestock.

This company helped them expand and follow their dream of selling Montana bred and Montana feed meats to the public.

Dexter and Karla Buck continued to work toward this goal by expanding even further and purchasing farm land.

On this land they can raise a good chunk of the feed needed to fatten cattle for slaughter.

All the meat processed and sold by Bear Paw Meats comes from Montana.

Bear Paw Meats has expanded to two store fronts.

The original store is in Chinook, and the newer facility is in Havre.

You’ll find everything from lamb to chicken, beef and pork at both locations.

Click here to visit the website.

Jason Laird

Jason Laird

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